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10 December 2011 @ 12:42 am
General Community Rules  

 The CM Prompt Meme is a community designed to generate participation in the Criminal Minds fic writing community.  

Please note: This is not a spoiler free community. Any and all episodes that have aired are fair game for prompts and fills. Please be mindful of this if you wish to remain unspoiled.

Any questions, comments, or future round suggestions should be left on the questions thread. Any comments of this nature left on the prompting threads will be deleted.

The Rules:
1. If you don't like a prompt, ignore it. If you have a serious issue with the content of a prompt, contact a mod.
2. No character/ship bashing. Don’t like the character or ship? Skip it.
3. Any and all criticism of fic should be constructive.
4. Use trigger warnings in the comment title. Trigger warnings should be used when dealing with rape/sexual assault (including references), violence, abuse, drug use, suicide/self injury, racial/anti-gay etc slurs. Note: “(fem)slash” is not something that needs to, or should be warned for.
5. Prompts and fills can be anon or signed in.
6. This is not exclusively an adult prompt meme like the kink meme, so vary the content of your prompts.
7. This is a biweekly prompting community, with each round focusing on a different theme, not a place to repost your unfilled prompts from the Kink Meme.
8. All prompt fills should have the rating denoted in the comment title.  The MPAA or FRC rating systems are both fine. Key of equivalents: PG/FRC, PG-13/FRT, R/FRM, NC-17/FRAO.
9. Spelling and grammar are not the most important part of the meme, but please make prompts/fills easy to comprehend; e.g. no chat speak, not a huge chunk of text. If you need it, there are online spell checkers here and here.
10. Make sure all prompts and fills are in compliance with the additional rules for the round in which they are posted.
11. RPF is not allowed. Any prompts or fills violating this rule will be deleted without notice.
12. Please post one prompt per comment.
13. Don’t flood the thread with prompts. Reiterating the same idea over and over will not get your prompt filled faster. 1 or 2 prompts is a good start.
14. Filling is not mandatory, but encouraged! Anon fills are allowed and encouraged, so this is a great opportunity to try something new if you’re not already writing.
15. The minimum word count for fills is 100, and there is no maximum limit to your creativity. If your fic is long, you can link to it at another source if you want to.

Examples of properly formatted prompts:

and with a trigger warning: